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Words from our patients

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    "At last I decided to do this treatment. Now I feel that it was totally worth it. My body is very flexible. I can move very comfortably."

    Jack G.
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    "I kept hope and faith in this and it helped me to overcome this situation. The best part of it is now I do not take insulin doses and medicines any more."

    Yash K.
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    "Thanks seems like a very small word to express my gratitude for what GIOSTAR and its team of doctors have done for me."

    Rajat G.
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    "After I was done with the treatment, my condition is a lot better now. I don’t have pain in my knees and can walk with ease."

    Samita G.
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    "GIOSTAR came like a ray of hope into my life and made myself free from the pain I had in the abdomen. Now, I don’t feel tired rather I feel very much energetic."

    John H.
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    "I hope that many others like me benefit from Diabetes Treatment using stem cells.”

    Harish P.
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    "My recent reports are also showing signs of improvement, and my hopes are really high."

    Peter W.

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