Video Testimonials


Thousands of patients have been treated by GIOSTAR Scientific Partner outside of the USA. These are just a few examples.


Stem Cell Therapy for Parkinson's Disease

“It was so amazing to see the results so quickly. I was stunned. I really did not expect that. To see her be
able to walk straight and stand up straight like she did when she was in ballet, I just couldn’t believe it!
When I saw the video of her whizzing up those stairs, I thought, this is unbelievable.”


Stem Cell Therapy for Diabetes

“We are doing treatment for type 1 diabetes that I have had for 53 years, arthritis that I have had for
about 30 years, and colitis. I believe that stem cell therapy is the medicine of the future. I personally
have met Dr. Anand and I have full faith in his ability to create the formulas and deliver a very high
quality product. After my first treatment, I was able to cut my insulin in half. I was able to go off my
colitis medication. As for the arthritis, the inflammation in my hands and feet have reduced. I think stem
cell therapy for most illnesses is the only hope we have at this time. Stem cells can reverse things.”


Stem Cell Therapy for Lupus

I have a rare form of lupus and a brain tumor. Symptoms include: severe headache, seizures,
loss of vision, double vision, left sided weakness, fibromyalgia, kidney issues. I am currently
taking 26 medications. I am on many medications that don’t cure you or put you into remission,
and only help with side effects and reduce the pain. My doctors have pretty much told me that
there is nothing more they can do for me and eventually in a short period of time, I will pass
An expiration date should never be given to a person. So, we looked into alternatives and found
out about stem cell treatment. The staff is great. Dr. Anand has been in touch with me several
times throughout the process. He has all my medical records.
After the second treatment was when we really started noticing huge improvements. My
seizures, brain bleeds, blood clots, strokes incidents have decreased immensely. I do still have
my bad days but my bad days are a lot less then my good days.
Do your research and if this is an option that is available for you, do everything in your power to
make yourself feel better.

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